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Connexion Bizarre update 20110308

Connexion Bizarre

Due to unforeseen circunstances, we had to skip last week's newsletter so here's a rundown of the updates to Connexion Bizarre in the past couple of weeks. First off, two guest podcasts, one by Sleep Clinic from Los Angeles and the other by DJ Distorted Chaos from the Netherlands. Then an interview with Brad Vaccine of Torrent Vaccine, a few reviews and quite a bit of recommendations of videos, links and free net releases.

And speaking of free net releases the latest instalment of the "You Are Here" compilation series is now availabe for free download. Curated by Bauke van der Wal of the [law-rah] collective and almost one year in the making, this compilation features a lot of previously unreleased material by top electronic artists from Belgium and the Netherlands with exclusive printable artwork by G3DS (along with the usual "You Are Here" artwork for jewel case)


"There’s Someone In My Fileswith music selection by Sleep Clinic (tracklisting | MP3)
"Ritual-Breaky-Ambient-Dubby-Cold-Technoid-Noise with a slight touch of Industrial Dandyism" with music selection by DJ Distorted Chaos (tracklisting | MP3)


Various - You Are Here: a compilation of Lowlands Electronics
A showcase of electronic talent from the Lowlands (that's Belgium and the Netherlands for the geographically-challenged), curated by Bauke van der Wal of the [law-rah] collective between April 2010 and February 2011. Featuring mostly previously unreleased material by (among others) For Greater Good, Hybryds, Empusae, the [law-rah] collective and Kraken.


Torrent Vaccine: and interview with Brad Vaccine
Torrent Vaccine is an electronic solo operation out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, brought to life by Brad Vaccine after moving there in 1998. Growing up in rural Louisiana, Brad was continuously searching for ways to pass the time - this eventually led to an interest in music and writing his own was a natural progression. Without committing to a defined style, Torrent Vaccine has left room to expand into different scenes while still maintaining the idea of 'industrial' music and his individualism.


synnack - v2.5
"v2.5" can be a very tough nut to crack as one of those albums that, upon first listen, one immediately knows is excellent but can’t really explain why. On occasion, listening it almost feels like tuning an FM receiver in the middle of the night: even if revisiting ‘familiar’ areas of the FM spectrum you never know what you will find or how it will shift.

Tholen - Neuropol
If you want to feel like you live in a collapsing cyberpunk dystopian world where pollution and human failure have caused the denizens to retreat to the murky underground, then leave this playing at all hours. It’s intricate and detailed enough for somewhat active listening, but un-intrusive enough to leave on while you do other life activities.

Karsten Hamre - Through the Eyes of a Stranger
If you can overlook the packaging, which looks like a bootleg B-horror film you’d get offered in an alley in Chinatown, you’ll find that Hamre delivers with some of the best dark ambient soundscapes I’ve heard this year.

Recommended Netlabel Releases
This time the spotlight fell squarely on the UK label Love Love Records, purveyors of fine vitriolic, insane & stompy electronics for all your party needs:
The Abominable Mr. Tinkler "The Duff E.P."
Bangalore Torpedos "Little Bispham"
Beatwife "Ritilin E.P."
Doc Colibri "Po...pE.P."
Eraserhead vs Gizmode "I Piss On Your Rave E.P."
Judith Priest "Mass"
Missqulater "All Things Considered L.P."
Raxyor "Adamantite Harvest E.P."
weyheyhey!! "Harlott"
Various "Love Core"

Recommended Links & Stuff
For this week's video selection we searched videos that could be considered as '2D animation in 3D setting'. Our choices feature Plastic Operator, Anklebiter and Raoul Sinnier.
A recent addition to the ever-changing landscape of netlabels is Audition Records, which presents a series of documents centered on different compositional approaches to Free, Noise and all kinds of Experimental and Improvised Music performances. Less cerebral and certainly more raucous is the British netlabel Love Love Records whose catalog is quite suited for wild party mayhem. Also: Pendrive and the most excellent Discontinu Records which relatively recently became home to another Az-Rotator opus.
A must: the Ambient Sequencer AS-606. Take the hint, people.

And that's about it for this week's update. More to come next week...

All the best,
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