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Connexion Bizarre - update 20110221

Connexion Bizarre

During the past week, Connexion Bizarre was updated with a couple of podcasts, music reviews and quite a few video and net-release recommendations. It also seems that there was a mistake with last week's Lovethechaos guest podcast so we are presenting it again after the necessary corrections.

"Dinner Leftovers #3" with music selection by (tracklisting | MP3)
"Bookend: Right" with music selection by (tracklisting | MP3)
"Lovethechaos @ Connexion Bizarre (w/ Nev.Era)" with music selection by (tracklisting | MP3)


Erdem Helvacioglu & Per Boysen - Sub City 2064
"Sub City 2064" is imaginative off-planet urban fiction, filling the background of a noir anime series or manga storyboard. Encouraged by the effortless sonic renderings, like beads of narrative on a string, listeners will embrace the sensation of being transported somewhere unfamiliar, gritty and, at times, not a little ominous.

Recommended Links & Stuff
This week's video recommendations feature music by Sturquen, Cruise [Ctrl] and Strange2.

Netlabel release-wise, it's a week of plenty as well, with the listing including a few gems which escaped our notice in the past months:
1/6 "Pornstar" (Laridae)
Abadroza "No Effects" (Elettronico)
the brainhole "disco und" (NOECHO Records)
B.R.O. "Analog People In A Digital World" (NOECHO Records)
the_maaaigs "Scrilent" (NOECHO Records)
Photophob "Urban Dialects" + Photophob "Sounds Of Concrete" (Laridae)
Poordream "Living Now" (33 Recordings) - live recording of Poordream's performance at Votanikos Kipos in Petroupolis

And that's about it for this week's update. More to come next week...
All the best,
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