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Connexion Bizarre - update 20101221

During the past week, Connexion Bizarre was updated with a few music reviews, a couple of podcasts and a few recommendations of 3rd party sites and netlabel releases.

During the past week, was updated with a few music reviews, a couple of podcasts and a few recommendations of 3rd party sites and netlabel releases.

"DJ Clusterfrog – Best of Bitcrusher" via Tom BadSekta
"Countdown to Christmas 2010 (part 2): Fire On Fire" with music selection by M.
Podcast tracklists


Various - Le Triomphe Dans L’Endroit De La Duperie
I guess it's a must to visit this exhibition if you're in Italy and as long as you're there just get this catalogue as a souvenir from your trip. For other people who like the long droney ambient pieces with transcending effects and analog experimentations as well as loopy madness, it's for sale through Afe records website.

Various – Thalamus III
“Thalamus III” documents Russian post-industrial/noise artists alongside less classifiable work, mostly lo-fi, abrasive soundscapes. An uneven but important compilation and provided you can endure the generally desolate tone there are some really interesting pieces to be discovered.

Bashed Nursling – Every Sunday Morning Kills Us
This 'rhythmic noise' album can be summed up in four words: Warm tones, punishing beats. At times the crushing percussion takes a back seat to the melancholy ambiance, and reminds me of the feeling you get when lying in bed listening to a raging storm outside.

Sonarophon – De Frie Elementer
Composed around a core of experimental and ambient electronics, their set features the six-string skills of Hana combined with the vocal yet wordless vocal techniques of Horneland. Recorded as it was performed, “De Frie Elementer” comprises of a single 24 minute track split into a number of linked elements.

Recommended Netlabel Releases
BeK + WhiteRatBeat "Mask of the Shame" (Bitcrusher)
Clusterfrog "8-bit Quackstep" (Bitcrusher)
Dave Stich "I Think Therefore I Can" (Bad Sekta)
Gash "Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle" (Bitcrusher)
Maestro delle Metope "Sono una Teiera tonda tonda / il mio Beccuccio a forma d'Onda" (Bitcrusher)
Twocubed "Bass for nerds" (Bitcrusher)
Various "Pixelation" (Bitcrusher)

Recommended Links & Stuff
Dirty Disco (nl)
Music in China - Seeking profit in the world’s toughest recorded-music market (The Economist)
Amazon in the Book-Banning Business - in case one wants any more reasons *not* to buy Amazon's Kindle...
Breaking News on EFF Victory: Appeals Court Holds that Email Privacy Protected by Fourth Amendment - good news stateside, after a fashion.

And that's about it for this week's update. More to come next week...
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