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Connexion Bizarre update 2010-12-14

In the past week, the following content was published on Connexion Bizarre: an interview with french multimedia artist and breakcore/hardcore virtuoso Lingouf, several music reviews and a new installment of the "White Noise" electronic DIY column. Last but not least, our weekly podcast which was updated twice this week (friday and monday, both still available).


"Chaos Sedated: December" with music selection by Invisible War
"Countdown to Christmas 2010 (part 1): Brain-Tank Sludge" with music selection by M.
Podcast tracklists


Lingouf: and interview with Vincent Ingouf
Born and living in Lower Normandy, Vincent Gouf started walking down the artistic path from an very young age. Passionate about comics, he slowly turned his aspirations to painting and later to animation and music under the name of “Lingouf”, having released several albums to critical acclaim – most recently through the German cult experimental music label Ant-Zen.


Andrea Marutti and Fausto Balbo – Detrimental Dialogue
CD, AFE Records/Boring Machines/Fratto9 Under The Sky Records, 2010 If you haven’t heard from Andrea Marutti by now, you should be a little bit ashamed. He’s not only the man behind Amon, but he is also responsible for the...

Chris Connelly – How This Ends
Two tracks with a total playing time from over 50 minutes. Two intriguing soundscapes simply titled "How This Ends", part one and two. Two great artists to whom this album is dedicated: David Tibet and Gordon Sharp.

nonnon – The Entitlement Generation
"The Entitlement Generation" is labelled as experimental hip-hop influenced IDM and even though they are right about the different ingredients, the IDM shouldn't be mentioned as main ingredient. It's more dubby, hip-hoppy experiments with beats, where you can cleary hear IDM influences at certain moments, but it's kept within the experimental stage.

Flutwacht – nichts
Sometimes you have to be very patient when listening to experimental music. Sometimes it takes quite a long time for anything of interest to happen. But often, when you're patient and stop demanding instant gratification, you will hear something really powerful.


White Noise: Dear Santa...
In this third episode we have come to the point where I can be quite sure that you are willing ‘to give it a try’. Either that or you are more of an electronics freak then I am and you’re waiting for me to fall flat on my face so you can use the comments to set me straight and make fun of me in public.

And that's about it for this week's update. More to come next week...

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